Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season for the Color GOLD

         I am having one of those freak out days today when I realized that we only have TEN DAYS until CHRISTMAS!!! That means only ten more days to blast Christmas music and drink peppermint mochas and bake christmas goodies... so much to do! Unfortunately this year I have been one of those last minute shoppers...opps. One thing I have noticed that is everywhere this year is the color gold. Gold wrapping paper and boxes and trees and ornaments and even food. If you are searching for that one extra touch to your holiday outfit then anything gold is the way to go, and you can NEVER go wrong with gold glitter. 
                                       What is more fun than having a photoshoot with glitter?!
                                     Thank you to my sweet momma for these great pictures!!!


Yes, I did do a DIY of putting some glitter on the bottom of my shoes. Don't judge!

You HAVE to do the jazz hands when your hands are covered in glitter.


                    Here are a few trendy accessories to give that perfect gold touch to your outfit:

I hope you all have many golden memories this holiday season! 
Merry Christmas!!! 
Mwah Mwah,
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sequins with Sweaters and Faux Fur

      The two latest trends I am kind of obsessing over... Faux Fur and wait for it.... Sequins and Sweaters!!

   My very favorite when it comes to faux fur are vest; I am at the point where I want every vest I see. I also love the faux fur scarves. Here are a few of the ways I would style faux fur into my wardrobe:

You can dress faux fur up or dress it down; either way it is fabulous!
A few places to find faux fur scarves:

Love, love, love it all!! 
 (Visit for details on the 
left picture!)
A few places to find faux fur vests:

   When I saw that sequins and sweaters are in I had a freak out moment. I mean everyone loves those comfy sweaters and then those sequin skirts... I have been in love with those skirts for a longgg time. To me it is a perfect outfit choice for a day out shopping. Here are a few of my favorite ways I have seen them so far:

[Visit for details on the left picture and for the details on the top left (maxi sequins skirt) picture]

A few places to find sequin skirts:

A few places to find sweaters:

I hope you all have a cozy and sparkly Thanksgiving!!
"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4 

Mwah Mwah,

Monday, November 18, 2013

A quick little trip the the Big Apple

        One of my dreams came true this weekend... I got to step foot in New York City!! It is just as magical and enchanting as everyone says; I most definitely fell in love! Unfortunately I was only able to have a little less than 24 hours in the city but it was all that I hoped it would be. Here are a few pictures of the trip I have been dying to go on for years.

                                            I loved seeing all the little flower shops on the streets

There was no way I was leaving without shopping on Fifth Avenue. No.Way.

Even with the snow fall we had up north there were still 
gorgeous colors around the parks.

Rockefeller Center!

It may seem completely and totally weird to you but working at 
Kate Spade is my dream!! I was barely standing on my feet when
 I was there in person. It was amazing. 

FAO Schwarz was a great place to have fun with my little siblings. 
Once we got to the little girls section my sister RAN to the tutus.
 It was a familiar site to me and sweet to see my sister in love with a little of my past.

A little carriage ride to rest our feet was wonderful!

New York City at night made me fall even deeper in love!

Not a bad view from our hotel room right?

Times Square!!!

Rockette pose! (Unfortunately the wrong hand up....)

The architecture is so beautiful

Battery park was SO beautiful!!!

The Irish Hungry Memorial by the Battery

Who goes to somewhere new and leaves without finding a cupcake shop? 

This is certainly not my last trip to NYC! I hope you all have a bright and magical week!!

With love from this Big City girl
Mwah Mwah,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Essentials to Fall: Scarves and Gloves

      Wow it has been a while since I have posted *insert worried face*..... But y'all, it's my favorite season ever so of course the next thing I am going to talk about is some of the essentials for fall. These are a few of the most important things ever in order to stay warm as the temperatures lower at the same time fashionable. Number one: Scarves. Oh.My.Goodness. I cannot express my love for scarves; you can wear them with pretty much anything. 






       You may not think that gloves are a big deal but let me tell you...if you are on your phone more than once or you have a cup of coffee in your hands or whatever that makes it so you can't tuck your hands in your toasty pockets of your coat, you need them. 


      I hope you find those perfect pair of gloves and that one scarf that puts a smile of your face!!

                                                                Mwah Mwah,



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jacket Jealous

         My favorite season of all time is here! All my fall favorites are out; the firey colors of the leaves everywhere you turn, warm cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks, those candles that make your whole house smell so delectable, and pumpkin spice lattes!! One of my beloved things about fall fashion are coats and jackets. They seem so simple, but they can be very important to your OOTD. Here are a few of the jackets that are in style whether it's to stay warm around the house or to head out for a night in the city:

Add a little color to an outfit with this jcrew classic peacoat!

One of the popular jackets that are in style is the leather jacket. This is one of my favorite ones so far from nordstrom

When it comes to fleece jackets this patagonia is to die for!!!

Need to find the cutest trench coat ever? I skipped a heartbeat when I saw this at anthropologie.

Not so into the leather jacket I just posted? Here is the next best thing at nordstrom.

I recently visited Boston and this nordstrom jacket was seen one some on almost every corner.


Stay warm this fall,