Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season for the Color GOLD

         I am having one of those freak out days today when I realized that we only have TEN DAYS until CHRISTMAS!!! That means only ten more days to blast Christmas music and drink peppermint mochas and bake christmas goodies... so much to do! Unfortunately this year I have been one of those last minute shoppers...opps. One thing I have noticed that is everywhere this year is the color gold. Gold wrapping paper and boxes and trees and ornaments and even food. If you are searching for that one extra touch to your holiday outfit then anything gold is the way to go, and you can NEVER go wrong with gold glitter. 
                                       What is more fun than having a photoshoot with glitter?!
                                     Thank you to my sweet momma for these great pictures!!!


Yes, I did do a DIY of putting some glitter on the bottom of my shoes. Don't judge!

You HAVE to do the jazz hands when your hands are covered in glitter.


                    Here are a few trendy accessories to give that perfect gold touch to your outfit:

I hope you all have many golden memories this holiday season! 
Merry Christmas!!! 
Mwah Mwah,