Friday, October 7, 2016


Oh my goodness am I excited for today's post! You know those monthly subscription boxes that you see everyone talking about? Well POPSUGAR has there own fabulous one and y'all it is just that. You have the option to order there must have mini box, which is $18.95 a month. Or the you can pick a plan for the must have box which has a retail value over $100 for $39.95. They do have a special limited edition one right now that has a retail value of over $650 for $225, so that's saving you over $400 right there! Usually I just see those boxes and think "that's a cool idea I should do that!", but once I received I truly understood how awesome these boxes are haha! 

Last time I got my hair done my hairdresser told me that I needed a deep conditioner for my hair. Well what do you know showed up in this box? A deep conditioner! And y'all it wasn't just a little travel size, no this was the real deal. Same thing goes with the lip gloss; i've been meaning to grab a red lip gloss for the holiday season and a new brand, I have yet to try, happened to be in the box.
I love the way POPSUGAR plans their boxes because there is a unique variety in it. Such as, one fashion item, one beauty, one food, etc. 

Oh and the hat, one of the hottest trends this season, just so happened to be "tucked" away in there. Y'all this hat alone had a value over the monthly subscription cost alone. Basically you need to go get yourself a box this month because it's a real treat and you know they do say to treat yo self!

Thanks for reading! xo

Thank you to POPSUGAR and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life Update: Going Back to the True Meaning

Why hello there. Long time no post. So this is to catch you up.

Starting off with the big stuff first..... school is a thing for me once again. It has come back into my life after my gap year. I am going to a community college to earn my associates degree then pursuing my bachelor's degree elsewhere. I know a lot of people look down on community colleges because they think they are not "real colleges", and I know I was in that group of people for a while. But given that I was home schooled basically all through school I thought that starting out in a smaller class room would be the best decision for me personally. Not to mention taking a year off of academics as well as continue working outside of school. I have never felt like I made the best decision in my life than I did when I started my courses two weeks ago. 

Work. Like I said I am still continuing to take advantage of the experience I can gather from the retail world. I was lucky enough to have a boss who wants to help get me started in my career. So that has been very exciting.

I just got all four of my wisdom teeth out this past weekend, so I have not been in the outside world since Saturday. Tomorrow however I have a class as an excuse to leave my bed. Thank you Jesus for not letting me have any absences through this. One thing about community college is that the professors don't accept slack, especially missing classes. I was very nervous about missing classes but it all turned out in the end, hallelujah!

Down to the more little stuff.... I really just have not felt as inspired from Instagram to blog posts like I have the previous years. It doesn't matter how much I search Pinterest it just has not come to me. You can even see it in just my everyday wear too. I think I have swayed from the inspiration being for me to what everyone else expects and wants. So the next few posts that I may have may not be things that all of you want to see (aka fall inspiration) but they are the things that I want to post for me.

Overall I think there has been a shift in my life. I have neglected things that I shouldn't have and made other things a priority when I didn't need them to be. I think half of the reason for this post is for me to simply type out what has been going through my head lately and try and figure it out. Readers or no readers I want this place to be somewhere I go to escape and have fun with. Not something I need to be uptight about. Because that was how this blog started. Sitting in a tiny room on my first trip to little old Cape Cod and seeing an Instagram post about fashion and blogging. I hopped onto Blogger to start my own blog and immediately started on my first post because I was so excited to learn this new outlet.

That was the reason and that's what I'm going back to. So we shall see where this takes me! (;

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Goddess Maxi

Dress- Banana Republic, same exact but different color here // Leather Jacket- Nordstrom Rack, similar here, love this // Shoes- Nordstrom Rack // Earrings- Old, similar here // Necklace- Similar here // Bracelets- Gifted, similar hereHeart of StoneHeart of Stone

This dress is one of the best items in my closet as of late. It's the perfect transition piece, and I think it's the best for traveling because it's so light. I love the two slits at the bottom; it gives the dress a little character. I love pairing it with sandals and a denim jacket, or as is. for the spring and summer. Then in the fall I would switch to a pair of booties and leather jacket. Now I just have to hold myself back from purchasing the black color too!

The mornings have started to get cooler up here in the Northeast, so i've started planning out everything I want to get accomplished before school starts/the weather turns colder. If you have a must on your list then let me know! I want these next few weeks to be pure adventure. 

Thanks for reading, y'all! xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Part 2

    Denim & Leggings & Skirts


     Accessories & Loungewear

Part two of my #NSale guide is up! I posted the first part yesterday so be sure to check that out as well. Boy did I have fun this round! There are so many new beauty products I want to try and repurchase as well as some pretty cute accessories. While taking a peak at my closet, accessories are what I lack the most, so you can bet I will be buying something in that department. 

Also, I wanted to save you from the large amount of cozy blankets I would've linked and just tell you to go check out the home section. Because like I said, there are lots of cozy things for the cooler months to come. 

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for another outfit post coming soon! xo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Part 1


      Tops & Sweaters



The #NSale is here!! Although, I have to say i'm not too excited to see sweaters and coats. But hey, you can get them for a great deal so i'm all for that. There's some cute stuff, so much so that I decided to break this sale guide in two parts. So today it's all about the dresses, tops/sweaters, and outerwear. 

I could do a whole post on outerwear to be honest. I tell people all the time to never buy an outerwear item that just came out or that's full price. Because 90% of the time you can find a great deal somewhere. The time to shop for a coat would be the end of March-August. I know, you don't want to buy a winter item in the spring or summer time, trust me i'm right there with you girl, but I bought my favorite coat in the off season. It took a few months to wear it but boy was I thanking the friend who told me to just bite the bullet and buy it. So to sum up this paragraph, buy the outerwear before the sweaters. 

Two items I would highly recommend buying would be a shirtdress and a Henley top. They are the easiest things to layer.

If you are a cardholder with Nordstrom then you can shop the sale right now (which I highly recommend, just sayin'(; ), but if not then no worries because you only have three more days until the sale is open to everyone.

Thanks for reading and stay turned for the second part of this awesome sale! xo
Monday, July 18, 2016

Flirty Flutter Twirl Worthy

Dress- Banana Republic (on sale!) // Sandals- Banana Republic, similar here & here // Handbag- Rebecca Minkoff, love this satchel // Earrings- Old, similar // Bracelets- Heart of StoneHeart of Stone; similar here // Necklace- Kendra Scott, almost exact here

I've had my eye on this dress for a while but they never had my size in stock in the stores i've visited. Finally, during a trip to Boston I found it! It may have been a petite size but hey, I found it and there was an amazing deal on it too! You'll have to excuse the very obvious wrinkles though because your girl still needs to find a steamer.

Well. It's been about a month hasn't it? Whew, I am so happy to get back on here! I didn't mean to take such a long break but i'm glad it happened because it made me realize just how much I love doing this thing called blogging. Anyway, I hope you all have been having a great summer so far. I can't believe people/stores are already stocking up the sweater and boots. Don't get me wrong, I love when the leave turn colors but let me wear a few more sun dresses before I break out the leggings haha!

Thanks for reading, y'all!! xo

Friday, May 27, 2016

2 Piece Statement

Trench- Forever 21// 2 Piece Dress- Lulu's; similar skirt; love thisthis & this set // Earrings- Ralph Lauren // Pumps- DSW, similar (on sale!) // Sunglasses- Old, similar

I actually bought this set back in the fall time for a wedding, and i'm just now getting around to posting it, oops! I even thought about not sharing it since it's out of stock, but decided against it because I really do love it. I pinned it in the pack to bring the skirt up a little, that way it was a little more modest for the wedding. But I can totally see this being one of those outfits to grab for a trip to the city. Like I said it's out of stock but I did find a few other sets that I have linked above and below. 

Living in a tourist spot there is one weekend that the locals don't look forward to in particular, that is Memorial Day Weekend. One word: Traffic. You learn to leave your house sometimes 30 minutes early and learn the back roads. The funny part is, this is just my second summer living here and i'm already complaining (Lord bless my own heart). But other than the extra people it's a great weekend to chill by the beach, if you can find a spot.(;

What are your plans for this three day weekend? 
Thanks for reading! xo

Memorial Weekend Sales
Kate Spade: 25% off sale with code SPEECHLESS
Banana Republic: 40% off your purchase with code BRTAKE40
ASOS: 20% off full price with code HISUMMER
Anthropologie: 30% off sale
Nordstrom: Up to 40% off

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

6 Hours in NYC

One of the perks of living in northern land is that New York City is an (if planned well) easy four hour road trip from my house. Another fun way of travel is by train, I hear. So when I had a weekend off I decided to drag my brother and momma with me to the city. We didn't really have anything planned, because that's how my family rolls when traveling. Although, we did have a few things on our bucket lists. Three of them being, a boat ride in Central Park, a trip by the Kate Spade on Madison Avenue, and grabbing a milkshake at Black Tap. Oh and excuse the poor quality of the photos, I didn't feel like lugging around the good camera around the city haha!

We arrived in the city around lunch time.
 One of the hardest things I have found the past few times I have been to NYC is finding a good convenient restaurant.
 While standing there not wanting to fight the GPS and our hunger any longer, we walked across the street to the Trador Joe's. We grabbed some wraps and fruit and headed to Central Park to rest on the rocks for a second and eat. 

Educational point: Central Park reminded me a lot of of The Biltmore. Well it just so happens that the same guy, Frederick Law Olmsted, was the designer for both the grounds!

By momma and I were just about in tears when we walked through the tunnel with a violinist playing and a family playing/singing by the Bethesda Fountain. Don't judge us. It was quite a (few) moments.

Also, can we just take a second to realize that half the price of these macaroons goes to the boxing. In my eyes, it was pretty worth it for my first trip to the french bakery. Oh, and the highlight quote of our trip was over hearing two boys out front of the bakery, "Woah, are those covered Oreos?"
 "No fool, they're macaroons! Have you never had a macaroon before?"

The boat ride was our absolute favorite! It's only $15 (but bring an extra $20 for a deposit) for an hour ride, which in my opinion is a great price for the experience you get. It's located right next to the famous little restaurant on the water that quite a few movies have been filmed at. The Kate Spade. Y'all, it was pure magic. Especially for a merchandiser wanna be. All four stories of it, not to mention the little balcony was just the icing on the cake!

Lastly was the oh so dreamed of milkshake stop that also happens to be a burger restaurant. Needless to say, they were oh so dreamed of by so many people that it was going to be a good three hour wait in line. At that point, after you've had such a confusing time with the subway and you are just plain hungry it's just not worth it. So we decided to ask the merchant at the convenient store next store to find us another hearty burger place. Luckily it was right down the street. 

Ken's Broome Street Bar seated us right by the window which was perfect for people watching while they served us one of their burgers on pita bread. I was hesitant at first about the bun option but it turned out to be quite delicious!

It turned out to be a good quick trip even if there were moments of mixed navigation and empty stomachs. As always for the crew, it turned out to be a scouting trip to bring the whole family next time! 

Thanks for reading, y'all! xo