Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cable Knit & Faux Fur

Sweater- L.L.Bean, similar
Vest- Nordstrom, similar
Boots- DSW, another option here
Earrings- Old, similar
Bracelet- Essentially Raine, another option here
Beanie- Forever 21, similar

Are y'all sick of these boots yet?? Sorry i've been wearing them a little too much haha; i'll try and switch it up for the next post. Anyway, on to what I really want to talk about, this fur vest. I waited too long to post this and I am so sorry! It really just didn't feel right to post about fur until there was snow on the ground. I actually got it back in July when Nordstrom was having their anniversary sale. I've been wanting a faux fur vest for yearssss, and I finally put my foot down and got it. It was still on the pricey side but so worth it because of the quality, look (seriously, I get so many compliments ever time I wear it), fit, and feel of it. I know it's not very fair that I am talking all about the great things about it when it's not in stock, but basically my point is if you want a piece for 5 years and you've done your research/find the perfect match bite then bullet and get it girl!  

Two of my brothers and my dad are leaving for Brazil (so jealous!) tomorrow morning. The older I get, the more I realize how valuable family is. Not to mention how fun having a big family is. Needless to say I think my mom and I will miss having to fight over the TV after a day or two. 

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vince Camuto Coat

Coat- Nordstrom Rack, similar here & love this
Boots- DSW, another option here
Earrings- Old, similar

If you've been reading my blog for the past year then you probably know how obsessed I am over Nordstrom Rack. Well here's yet another post about that haha. Over Thanksgiving I found this coat at the Columbia, SC location. It was mine. It's the coat I have "designed" and desired for years. All I can say is #PTL for Nordstrom Rack and their prices because this was a designer coat and I got it for less than half the original price! The one downside is once you see something you have to grab it otherwise it won't be there the next day. Which is why I don't have the exact link for this coat anymore (i'm sorry, don't hate me!!). 

I've experienced an overnight blizzard and now i've dealt with one during the day. All I have to say is thank you Jesus for giving me a daddy who saves me in the middle of the storm to come pick me up at work. I hope the rest of my east coasters are safe and sound!

One last thing, the winner of the Marley Lilly giveaway I hosted last month did not get back to me. So I picked a new winner. Congratz to Alyssa Emmett!!! Alyssa, please email me your info as soon as you can so I can get you that gift card right away! 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekend Wear 1.16.16 & 1.17.16

Saturday 1.16.16

Sweater- SheIn
Striped Tee- Old, similar
Jeggings- Windsor, similar here
Boots- DSW, another option here
Earrings- Old, similar

Blazer- Banana Republic
Sweater- Old, similar
Boots- DSW, another option here
Earrings- Old, similar

Sunday 1.17.16

Cape- Hazel and Olive, another option here
Sweater- Forever 21
Boots- Tory Burch, similar
Earrings- Old, similar

Most of my outfits are really made five minutes before I have to leave the house. That's why I wanted to start doing a series called "Weekend Wear". Solely to show you what other outfits I can come up with pieces I have already shown on the blog or future items. Basically I will document how many ever outfits I wear that Saturday/Sunday. This week was three because I changed between my two jobs on Saturday. 

I did want to apologize for the quality, I didn't realize how bad they came out until I saw them on my computer. I guess I need to clean my mirror a smidge more haha. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Black + Burgundy

Turtleneck- Banana Republic
Denim- Gap (on major sale!)
Heels- Banana Republic
Bag- Francesca's, similar (on sale!)
Sunglasses- Old, similar
Earrings- Old, similar

At first I wasn't sure about this turtleneck because of the neck, but since I have a small neck it wasn't that tight on me. But y'all, it's so warm it's ridiculous! It's made with merino wool and alpaca, so the quality is amazing. Plus, the price point right now is insane for the quality. I'm thinking I may need to go back for the cobalt blue one....

Also, I scored these boyfriend jeans for around $15 from Gap yesterday. I was planning on wearing dark denim for this outfit but decided to switch it up while these jeans are still in stock. Grab them while you can!

Thanks for reading! xo

Monday, January 18, 2016

Acorn Street

Top- Loft (on major sale!)
Boots- DSW; another option here
Earrings- Old, similar
Necklace- Old, would pair with this necklace too
Silver Chain bracelet- Old, similar
Pearl Bracelet- A gift, similar

This past Friday my mom and I had a chance to squeeze out of the house and into the city with no little ones. Which means we try to squeeze in as many of our favorite "big girl" things as possible. Like actually being able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. I have always wanted to try out the Drybar, since hearing of the experience and tried their products, so I scheduled an appointment in Back Bay! Hence why my hair is looking a little bit like Shirley Temple haha! I got the 'Southern Comfort' with curled ends. If you do head by the Back Bay location ask for Lauren; she was the sweetest and made the experience that much better!

Another thing that my mom and I have wanted to check out was Acorn Street! After a history class on Boston and watching a few episodes of Chasing Life it was a must. It was a workout walk that's for sure but totally worth it. 

The last thing I want to talk about in this post (sorry it's longer than normal!) was this top. I scored it for $8 when shopping in Plymouth. It's a perfect layering piece. Plus I love the high neck! There are only a few colors and sizes left online so grab them while you can!

Thanks for reading! xo

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pantone 2016 Colors

Pantone released the 2016 colors this month, and boy oh boy are they gorgeous! Pantone picks a color or two each year. They are popular because this is what the fashion and design world focus on that year. It's where they draw inspiration from clothing to interior design. This year the colors are Serenity, a soft yet muted blue, and Rose Quartz, which I die at *insert heart eyes emoji*. 

I had a little feel to what 2016 was to bring a few weeks ago. Working in two different retail stores lets you in on a little secret to the upcoming fashion. The two colors that came in both shipments were a sherbet light orange and a robin's egg blue. So Pantone's colors were not far from that! 

Anyway, I rounded up a few things that follow this color trend. This widget is shopable and all you have to do is click on your favorite images and they will take you to the exact link. 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Faux Fur Collar

Dress- Missguided (on sale, but few sizes left!)
Coat- Nordstrom Rack, similar here & here
Boots- Steve Madden
Bag- Kate Spade
Earrings- Old, similar

Whelp, this is my second post with faux fur in a row.... I guess you could say I like it haha! But really, once I saw this dress while browsing online it went in my cart and on my door steps like never before.

 One thing about me is that I don't normally buy things once I see them. It takes a good 2 hours in store and possibly a few days online to really know if I want to buy something. That or if there is a really good sale going on I buy it while I can. I mean you can't pass up a really really good sale, right?!

Anyway, with the classic cut and color of the dress + the flare of a faux fur collar, it was me in a dress. Hence why I have rambled/justified this purchase. 

Thanks for reading, y'all! xo