Friday, February 26, 2016

Business Like

Dress- Francesca's, similar
Blazer- Old, similar
Earrings- A gift, similar

If you told me to pick my top two favorite items in my closet one of them would be a blazer. I reach for one probably 4-5 days out of the week. My co-workers joke that when they wear blazers they dressed like Catharine that day. Blazers are just so easy to style, and they amp up an outfit like a snap of your fingers. They're also really helpful for someone who is always cold like myself. 

Happy Friday! I hope you all have the best weekend. Thanks for reading! xo

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brown Hues

Cardigan- Altar'd State, similar
T Shirt- Gap
Shoes- Old, similar
Hat- H&M, love this
Handbag- Kate Spade
Earrings- A gift, similar
Necklace- Etsy, similar

I've been dying to find a hat like this, but I wasn't willing to spend $50 or more for it knowing I wasn't going to be able to wear it all the time. Last week I stopped by South Shore Plaza and into H&M. They had a pretty decent selection and all for $30 or under (hallelujah!). So needless to say I was at the register once I found this one.

One of the things I told my dad when we moved up to Cape Cod was that by the time we moved again I would like to know Boston/my favorites in the city. I was so excited to add something to that list on Saturday: the North End Park. Come spring and summer it's such a relaxing area with the swings and a pastry in hand after a day of shopping on Newbury Street.

Do any of you have a favorite spot in a city? If so, I wanna know so I can visit haha! xo

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekend Wear 1.23.16 & 1.24.16

Sunday 1.24.16

Sweatshirt- Gap
Leggings- Forever 21
Socks- Target, love these!

Saturday 1.23.16

Blazer- Old, similar here
Tunic- Gap, similar here
Leggings- Forever 21
Booties- Tory Burch, similar here & here
Scarf- Altar'd State, Columbiana Centre location, similar here

Even though this was a few weekends back I wanted to post a Weekend Wear anyway, because these are a few of my favorite pieces. Saturday I wanted to dress comfy and within the dress code of both my jobs. That was the day the first blizzard hit. I forgot to bring another pair of shoes and I wasn't expecting the weather to be as bad as it was; however, I'm happy to report that my booties survived trekking through a boot of snow.  But thankfully I found out I got my money's worth out of them, ha!

Sunday was just a lazy/sick/recover from the blizzard kind of day. I've loved the sweatshirts that look like they have a hood but they don't. Basically they are cowl neck with drawstrings. I have found a few that are either out of stock in my size or overpriced. I ran into Gap and found this one on the clearance rack. I'm not crazy about the print on it but at least it has something to do with traveling!

Thanks for reading! xo

Monday, February 8, 2016

By the Lighthouse

Trench- Forever 21, similar here
Sweater- Altar'd State, similar here
Booties- Nordstrom Rack, love these & similar here
Sunglasses- Francesca's, splurge or save
Earrings- Old, similar here

Trench coats have quickly become one of my favorite things. The dream is to own a classic Burberry. However, savings is going towards traveling for now haha (; I found this one at Forever 21 for around $30 a few months back, so I wasn't able to find it online for y'all, sorry! ASOSNordstrom, & Forever 21 are your best bets if you're shopping for a trench coat while staying within a budget. 

Currently in a hiccup here, aka i'm snowed in due to a blizzard and I just got an email that Kate Spade is having yet another surprise sale. Send help soon!! You can shop the surprise sale here! The totes, jewels, wallets/travel wallets, and passport holders are my favorite! 

Thanks for reading! xo

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Juliana's Boutique Valentine's Day Lookbook

It's that time of year when you ladies find yourself searching for that perfect Valentine's Day outfit. Juliana's just launched their V-Day lookbook and I can't get over that leopard print cardigan. You can shop these looks and more here!! Oh and the best part is you can save more with the code lstf10 at checkout! 

So sorry for being behind on my blogging game.... I'm trying to figure out how to balance things in life right now, so thanks for bearing with me. I have some posts I am really excited to share; they are different but I think y'all will like them.

Thanks for reading! xo