Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life Update: Going Back to the True Meaning

Why hello there. Long time no post. So this is to catch you up.

Starting off with the big stuff first..... school is a thing for me once again. It has come back into my life after my gap year. I am going to a community college to earn my associates degree then pursuing my bachelor's degree elsewhere. I know a lot of people look down on community colleges because they think they are not "real colleges", and I know I was in that group of people for a while. But given that I was home schooled basically all through school I thought that starting out in a smaller class room would be the best decision for me personally. Not to mention taking a year off of academics as well as continue working outside of school. I have never felt like I made the best decision in my life than I did when I started my courses two weeks ago. 

Work. Like I said I am still continuing to take advantage of the experience I can gather from the retail world. I was lucky enough to have a boss who wants to help get me started in my career. So that has been very exciting.

I just got all four of my wisdom teeth out this past weekend, so I have not been in the outside world since Saturday. Tomorrow however I have a class as an excuse to leave my bed. Thank you Jesus for not letting me have any absences through this. One thing about community college is that the professors don't accept slack, especially missing classes. I was very nervous about missing classes but it all turned out in the end, hallelujah!

Down to the more little stuff.... I really just have not felt as inspired from Instagram to blog posts like I have the previous years. It doesn't matter how much I search Pinterest it just has not come to me. You can even see it in just my everyday wear too. I think I have swayed from the inspiration being for me to what everyone else expects and wants. So the next few posts that I may have may not be things that all of you want to see (aka fall inspiration) but they are the things that I want to post for me.

Overall I think there has been a shift in my life. I have neglected things that I shouldn't have and made other things a priority when I didn't need them to be. I think half of the reason for this post is for me to simply type out what has been going through my head lately and try and figure it out. Readers or no readers I want this place to be somewhere I go to escape and have fun with. Not something I need to be uptight about. Because that was how this blog started. Sitting in a tiny room on my first trip to little old Cape Cod and seeing an Instagram post about fashion and blogging. I hopped onto Blogger to start my own blog and immediately started on my first post because I was so excited to learn this new outlet.

That was the reason and that's what I'm going back to. So we shall see where this takes me! (;

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