Friday, October 7, 2016


Oh my goodness am I excited for today's post! You know those monthly subscription boxes that you see everyone talking about? Well POPSUGAR has there own fabulous one and y'all it is just that. You have the option to order there must have mini box, which is $18.95 a month. Or the you can pick a plan for the must have box which has a retail value over $100 for $39.95. They do have a special limited edition one right now that has a retail value of over $650 for $225, so that's saving you over $400 right there! Usually I just see those boxes and think "that's a cool idea I should do that!", but once I received I truly understood how awesome these boxes are haha! 

Last time I got my hair done my hairdresser told me that I needed a deep conditioner for my hair. Well what do you know showed up in this box? A deep conditioner! And y'all it wasn't just a little travel size, no this was the real deal. Same thing goes with the lip gloss; i've been meaning to grab a red lip gloss for the holiday season and a new brand, I have yet to try, happened to be in the box.
I love the way POPSUGAR plans their boxes because there is a unique variety in it. Such as, one fashion item, one beauty, one food, etc. 

Oh and the hat, one of the hottest trends this season, just so happened to be "tucked" away in there. Y'all this hat alone had a value over the monthly subscription cost alone. Basically you need to go get yourself a box this month because it's a real treat and you know they do say to treat yo self!

Thanks for reading! xo

Thank you to POPSUGAR and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.