Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tea Tree Natural Shampoo Review

Tea Tree Shampoo // Shop the Hair Care Products: here // Sign up for their Free Samples: here

Today I am coming to you with a post I have always wanted to do, a beauty review! Ever since I changed my hair color I have tried to keep up and introduce new products that would keep my hair strong and healthy. That's why I was so excited to review this shampoo.

 I have heard a lot about tea tree for beauty products and even with essential oils. It is supposed to be a natural source of an antiseptic. There have been skin products for reducing/treating acne, so naturally I was curious on what it would do for my hair. When Maple Holistics sent me their Tea Tree shampoo I was a little hesitant because it was so thick. The first time I used it I didn't see a difference in my hair and scalp until later on in the day and by third day hair. I noticed that my hair felt more fresh and clean, and this may be TMI but my scalp was less itchy. I used this shampoo in the middle of South Carolina figuring out if it wanted to be hot or cold outside, and it kept my scalp hydrated when it needed to be but not oily. It didn't seem to dry my scalp like most shampoos do. The other questionable aspect of it was whether or not it would take away the color in my hair. The first time I used regular shampoo in my hair rather than purple it made my hair look brassy. But this shampoo didn't affect my color at all. Needless to say it passed all my tests!

 I washed my hair numerous times and I still have a ton, so a little goes a long way. I think this is an awesome product because it is an all natural, cruelty free item that is a necessary item for everyone. It's been hard to find those (at least for me) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I would definitely recommend getting their free samples sent to you that way you can test out all the great products. Then let me know which one is your favorite! 

Thanks for reading, y'all! xo

*Thank you to Maple Holistic for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.*

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Floral Puffer Vest & Lace Detail

Top- Gap // Denim- Gap // Vest- Marshall's, floral vests here & here // Shoes- Banana Republic, similar herehere, and here // Earrings- Old, similar here// Rings- Heart of Stone & Marley Lilly

I'm not going to even try to hide the fact that this is a girl's top. But if we're being honest here, sometimes the girls stuff is cuter (and cheaper!!) than the women's. I love the detail of the lace on the sleeve because it's something that in all my time researching clothing and fashion I have never seen. I just wish they came in women's and girl's sizes. *cough Ehem, Gap! *cough

Another piece that I love is this vest, which I believe is still available at Marshall's. It will just depend in your store. It's reversible, so in my book that's like pockets on a dress, i.e. SOLD! So definitely check out the Marshall's or T.J.Maxx near you.

So the time of freedom has arrived! My finals were over last week, so I had a day off yesterday and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. Now I can truly enjoy the holidays, and y'all will be very proud to know that all of the major gifts I needed to buy have been bought and are waiting to be wrapped! So i'm patting myself on the back since I am the typical procrastinator. But i'm cheering you if you still have your shopping to do, because like I said, this is the first year I am done before Christmas day! If y'all need some more encouragement on gifts go to my favorite gift finder Haley from Sequins and Things.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

8 Tips to Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are among us friends! Who else is out there enjoying these pre-Black Friday deals?! Working in retail, especially through the holidays, I have observed a few things that may make your life easier when you shop in stores. Hopefully you will find these few tips helpful through the craziness of this season. 

1. Find an associate and ask for the deals but MOST IMPORTANTLY the exclusions to the deals.
This is one of the biggest bummers for both the customer and workers. It's easy to not fully understand what the promotions are in the store due to how the marketing is. It will actually save you time to read the fine print on the promo signs that to not pay attention than to get the end of your shopping time to realize half your stuff is not as low as you think. Also, another tip is to become buddies with that brand ambassador. I love when customers come with questions and needs, because at the end they have found everything they need in less time and I feel successful in knowing they have found what they need. 

2. Do your research before you walk in the store.
This kind of flows with the knowledge of promotion. If you are able to research your promotions online you may be able to save more. Also, look to see what the store offers on their website. Some websites, such as, Gap Inc. have an option to find that item in your nearest store. You can then put your item on hold and skip the search time in the stores as well as saving your item if you can't get it in time. 

3. Have a small wallet specifically for the card you will use, your license, and cash separate from your normal wallet.
I love my big wallets, but sometimes I just need the essentials and nothing else in the way. You don't have to dig around you have it all there and easy to whip out.

4. Bring your own big bag or backpack that you find comfortable.
This may sound like it defeats the purpose of #3, but you need both! Instead of carrying many bags that tend to get in the way you can carry just one. The bags at TJ Maxx's (or their other brands) checkout line are cheap and can carry a lot. 

5. Bring your pick me up drink/snack.
You will probably send more time in line at Starbucks, even if you ordered through the app, with the holiday lines. Make it easier on you and have your favorite coffee in a sealed or to-go cup that way you can get right to shopping. Same thing with snacks. Shopping makes you hungry, so stay fueled and skip the lines and extra money by packing your own snacks.

6. Pray for patience before you leave your house, while, you're in the car, when you step in the store, and when you wait in line.
Patience is essential for holiday shopping. It's a crazy time and it can be stressful depending on the shoppers and workers around you. So be patient and understanding. Everyone wants to get things done and they don't want to wait, but it is essential to take turns and understand the waiting process. You will get out with what you want and you will get out within a decent time, so don't stress yourself. Have a book on your phone and read it while you munch on your snacks in line or while you wait on some help. 

7. Look at full price items.
Depending on the store/sales. The full price items will be your best bet. The sale items are normally first marked around 20% off, so really full price isn't much more for newer styles. 

It's the holiday season. It's supposed to be joy filled and excited and a peaceful time all around. The best way to enjoy your holiday shopping is to not think about the craziness around you but what it should be. I promise you, with that mind set you will become the joy filled person in line and it will show through. It will change what happens around you. Think of it like when a baby comes in the room just smiling and giggling; it instantly lightens up the room. Be that light.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Buffalo Plaid Duster

Dress/Duster- BB Dakota // Top- Banana Republic // Pants- Gap // Shoes- fab'rik // Earrings- Old, similar here // Rings- Marley Lilly & Heart of Stone

You know when you hit the jackpot, and you just so happen to be at the right place at the right time? That was me when I found this dress. A store was closing so everything was 40-60% off. So I snagged this fantastic piece. I love the dress with a good pair of heels and a belt, but since it is a full button down I decided to turn it in a duster for an outfit. 

How are y'all all doing after this round of daylight saving time? I have to admit I totally forgot that it was fall back and not spring forward, as stupid as that sounds, but I was very glad to know I had an extra hour of sleep. 

Thanks for stopping by! xo

P.S. Do we like the new blog design?!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Apple Picking

Jacket: Banana Republic (On SALE, and in two colors!!) // Top: Gap (Under $25!) // Denim: Banana Republic (almost exact same here) // Booties: Tory Burch (similar here) // Scarf: Banana Republic (similar here) // Earrings: Old, similar here // Rings: Marley Lilly & Heart of Stone

Y'all, I totally forgot the temperatures and the humidity in the south. I feel like I have been more aware of it after I had the luxury of four seasons up north. With that said, I went apple picking over my fall break! It was a fantastic, fall filled activity. I just may have to bring a pair of shorts and no jacket next time. Oh and no curling of the hair, ha! The place I decided on was in Hendersonville, NC. It was beautiful! I would highly recommend visiting the "little" town's main street. It has a Hallmark movie feel to it, and it reminded me a lot of the main streets on the Cape and New England in general.  

This.Jacket. Oh my goodness it is a whole other level! I already have 3 utility jackets in my closet and I just couldn't wait to add this one to my collection. It is so unique, I haven't seen one like it anywhere else. Who knew adding a ruffle and belle sleeves would bring up the level of sophistication for a utility jacket?!  It really was the perfect jacket for apple picking in crazy weather. Because, it has shorter sleeves and they are flared so you are able to have some air flow for warmer temps. Even if you were in the snow I would recommend a basic long sleeve tee or sweater to pop out or a flannel underneath. In all reality, it's the best jacket and you need to go get it while it's on sale because my pictures don't do it justice!

Thanks for reading! xo

Monday, September 11, 2017

Belle Sleeves and Booties

Top: Aerie, similar here & here // Shorts: Nordstrom Rack, similar here & here // Booties: Nordstrom Rack, similar here // Totes: H&M (on sale for $15!!) // Earrings: Old, similar here // Rings: Heart of Stone & Marley Lilly // Sunglasses: Loft // Bracelets: All from Heart of Stone

I've always wanted to try belle sleeves, but I just haven't found the right top yet. Well, it just so happens I finally found it. I was walking around Soho and stumbled upon the Aerie pop up shop, which btw if y'all ever cross one then you need to go in. You'll thank me later. Needless to say I walked out of there with one too many items. I love how fun the belle sleeves are; they add a feminine touch to any top or dress. I am looking forward to see how designers are able to bring belle sleeves through the seasons. 

Speaking of designers, have y'all be following the news of #NYFW?! There are some gorgeous ideas coming out soon. Since I haven't been able to follow along the fashion filled week in person, I have been liberally following a few blogger to see all the news. My favorite blogger to follow right now is Brighton

Thanks for reading y'all! xo