Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Early Bird Easter Dress Hunting




Why hello! Easter is my favorite holiday for many reasons, and getting to pick out a new spring outfit every year makes it all the more fun. As the years have gone by I have become better at planning my outfits ahead of time, especially because of shipping reasons (NYFW also taught me a lesson on this...). Above are a few favorites of mine. This navy, this bow detail, this laser cut detail are all up there as well! To sum it up, just give me lace, floral or bow details, and spring pastels and I will be the happiest girl hopping around on Easter. 

Below are also a list of stores that I look to for dresses for any occasion. A quick tip, if you are on a budget look at smaller boutiques. Most you can find through Instagram or Pinterest, but I do have a few listed below.

Favorite Stores

Have any of y'all seen the new Beauty and the Beast??!! It came out while I was back visiting in South Carolina, so I am dying to see it. It was pretty crazy so I also wanted to wait until the crowds past to see it. Fingers crossed I get to see it this weekend!

Thanks for reading! xo