Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ontario, Canada: Niagara Falls + Life Update


Hello all! How are you? Been a while, eh? Over the weekend I ventured on a road trip to Canada. Being in the North East of the US it is quite easy to cross the Canadian border. Since my family and I moved up to Massachusetts we have talked about making a trip to see Niagara Falls. Hearing that the view was better on the Canadian side, my family all had our passports ready to go. Which btw, if you cross the border you don't get a stamp in your passport. Could've just been me who didn't know that but I was quite upset that I didn't get my Canada stamp (; Anyway, we didn't plan much to do because that's just how my family and I have learned to roll when it comes to traveling. We spent two days and one night in Canada. The first day we arrived we wanted to relax a little while before we planned anything. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on a hill that lead down to the falls. That hill kicked my butt when it came to the exercise but it was such a pretty walk from the hotel to the falls. My mom and I both agreed that the area the hotel was around had a Vegas feel to it. 

The first day, after resting up, we headed to see what activities we should try. We ended up doing the Journey Behind the Falls, and the Skylon Tower. Which I recommend doing both of these towards the evening. Behind the Falls didn't have many people towards the evening, so it was more pleasant. Canada does a firework show at 10:00pm right by the falls, which happen to be brightly colored from 8:45pm-2am. I heard that the restaurant in the tower is pretty good, but we just didn't make it in time to experience it. 

One thing that surprised me about Canada was that places didn't open until way later than you expect. My family was up and ready at 9am and barely anything was open. The Starbucks didn't open until 10:30am and we didn't have to check out of the hotel until 2pm. That being said half of my family biked by the falls while my brother and I walked around them. Again, it was quite pleasant due to not many people being around at the time. 

There were many activities that you could do, but we decided that the White Water Walk would be a neat attraction, and it did not disappoint. You are right beside the most dangerous rapids and if you go to the lower part of the walk the water will come over the sidewalk, which is pretty cool for kids. 

The last stop we wanted to make was St. Catharines, Canada. Of course I made this a stop because it has the spelling of my name, which is constantly questioned by acquaintances. Yes, yes it is indeed a different spelling of the name, but it does in fact sound the same as any other spelling. We stopped for lunch at a place called The WORKS, which had some pretty darn good burgers and milkshakes. For those of you curious, it is a local chain (if that makes any sense) to Toronto. After that yummy adventure we headed back home to Massachusetts. 

Overall it was a fun, easy adventure out of the U.S. that I was happy we were able to make before I leave the North East. Which leads me to this life update.....

I'm moving!! No not my whole family this time, just me. It is quite a confusing matter if I get into all the details, but I am moving back to South Carolina in hopes to continue my education at the community college as well as a University. As I write this now I am currently surrounded by boxes. The plan is to move myself and all my stuff to South Carolina by the end of this summer. Things have been crazy and I am in that pre-move mood. If you have moved you know that feeling, all the emotions are everywhere. Massachusetts will always have a link to me, and I hope to visit it again, Lord willing that my parents stay up here. A sentimental letter will probably be written sometime soon; because like I said the emotions are running around. 

I know this is kind of a whirlwind of a post, but bare with me. Lots more travel posts are in the future, and if anyone is interested in the moving process let me know and I can do a few posts or even venture into the Vlogging world. Thanks for reading! xo

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